Dr. Mohammad Rashid

About Dr. Mohammad Rashid

  • Specialist Pediatrician
  • MB.CH.B, MSC Pediatrics, MD
  • Availability: Full time

    DHA License: Specialist


    • MB.CH.B, MSC Pediatrics, MD


    Professional Associations:

    • Member of American Academy of Pediatrics


    Professional experience:

    • Assistant lecturer of Pediatrics, Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, Egypt
    • Assistant Pediatrician, ME Salem Children Clinic, Egypt
    • Resident of Pediatric, Alexandria University Children Hospital, Egypt


    Clinical Expertise & Services Offered:

    • Handling outpatient general pediatric clinic
    • Emergency child care
    • Management of children infection diseases
    • Special management of primary and secondary burns
    • Designing vaccination program for children and families
    • Handling and resuscitation of term new born infants
    • Developing special nutrition program for infants and children
    • Parental training for postpartum infant care


    Language(s) Spoken:

    Arabic & English