General Surgery

Zia Medical Center’s Department of General Surgery pursues excellence and leadership in patient care and service. This means that you – our patients and their families – come first, and that our team is guided by our core principles: accountability for outcomes, respect for individuals, commitment to never-ending improvement, and responsibility for cost-effectiveness.

Our general surgeons are nationally respected pioneers in minimally invasive procedures. We offer the most advanced treatment options for patients, and treat cases from routine to medically complex. Our specialists’ vast surgical expertise, combined with the resources of Zia Medical Center and our multidisciplinary approach, distinguish us as a first-rate center of excellence.

Expertise and Services offered.

  • All general surgical procedures are done in Anesthesia
  • Advanced laparoscopic surgical procedures
  • Cosmetic procedures – liposuction & tummy tuck
  • Bariatric surgery – sleeve gastrectomy
  • Perianal procedures – stapled hemorrhoidopexy
  • Thyroid surgery

Our Specialist