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Dentistry is a sensitive branch of medical science, which demands due diligence and astuteness on part of the dentist. Ziauddin Medical Center Dubai hosts one of the best Dental Packages in Dubai and provides state of the art medical facilities and a fleet of highly qualified and competent specialists.

Zia Medical Center ’s department of dentistry is fully equipped with the most advanced dental equipment as well as staffed with qualified dental practitioners who are dedicated to making your smile brighter, shinier and healthier! Our team of consultants is fully capable of dealing with a vast range of dental procedures for all age groups including those with special needs.

Our team of specialist dentists and surgeons need no second introduction, their track record speaks volumes of their aptitude. It is wisely phrased that there is no substitute for experience, Ziauddin is a firm believer that with experience comes wisdom and soundness of judgement. Only the best professionals make it to the panel of Ziauddin, as we continually strive to push the envelope of medical practices. Whether you want to have a root canal procedure or simply want to undergo teeth whitening, Ziauddin will be more than happy to grant your wishes. We offer comprehensive procedures related to your oral health, that range from teeth alignment to gum disease. Here are few of the services offered:

Surgical and non-surgical dental extractions

Expertise & services offered:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Root planning
  • Restorative procedures (Aesthetic or cosmetic White Fillings)
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Endodontics
  • Root canal treatment

Our Dentists